The ever insightful Google informs me that the word gourmand could mean one of two things:

a) A lover of good food or

b) A gluttonous eater

A much more forgiving definition comes (allegedly) from ‘The Food Lover’s Companion’ …which states that a gourmand is a one who appreciates fine food.
Given the choices, it’s fairly clear to see which description I’m advocating for… somehow the phrase ‘gluttonous eater’ doesn’t carry quite the same romantic notions.

You may wonder, what a wannabe gourmand is…well my theory is this:

Whilst I may very creepily spend a significant proportion of my day fantasizing about my next meal (or reminiscing about my last)….it would be arrogantly precocious to label myself a gourmand without the requisite culinary wisdom that comes with the experience of age.

So wannabe it is! And why interrupt my very satisfying HD and Technicolor day dreams to pen this you may ask?

Enter the Julie/Julia Project…(yes I am well aware anyone featuring the X chromosome in their genetic makeup claims to have experienced some sort of ‘gourmet epiphany’). Now let me get this straight before you get any other ideas….I thought the book itself was godforsakenly boring (I don’t ACTUALLY care about your state of affairs Julie…fast forward to the part where you  violate a duck and then suffocate it in pastry). Nevertheless, the fact that the woman ate dinner at around 11pm every night after cooking for 4 to 5 hours inspired me to get off my ass and put add my 2 cents to the world of culinary critique. Actually make that 0.00000000000002 cents…seems every man and his donkey is the proud proprietor of a ‘food blog’ these days. Oh well…here it goes!

Fingers crossed x


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