julie minus julia (please!!)

I bit the bullet and dragged S to the movies last night….

The movie: Julie/Julia….in all its “cinematic glory”

The contender: An already cynical WG and the ever forgiving S (whom I spotted gazing forlornly at the screening times of Astroboy in the ticket line).

The verdict: 2 and a half hours of our lives we will never get back.

Yes my friends, stop rubbing your eyes…it’s not a typo… TWO and a HALF hours..of mind nauseatingly irritating rubbish. FYI – I can generally take rubbish – let it be known I recently sat through Ghost of Girlfriends Past and though its target audience was presumably a large contingent of single cell organisms, it at least squeezed a laugh or two out of me.

Julia/Julia ….reached new territories of painfulness. Meryl Streep was the only saving grace in an otherwise gigantous pile of bullshit. Amy Adams, my friends, is irritating beyond belief. Her over enthusiastic and wildly annoying portrayal of Julie was an embarrassment to watch. At one point, I am more or less sure S attempted to chew his arm off. The problem was this, Julie (l’original) though boring, had balls. Though she was neurotic she had a good dose of acerbic wit and was miles away from Amy’s “girls-are-made-out-of sugar” portrayal. To be fair, Ms Adams’ biggest cinematic achievement to date has been a Golden Globe nomination for portraying a cartoon princess brought to life. Need I say more?

I thought that there would at least be some deliciously devilish food pornography to whet the appetite…as you would have gathered, I was bitterly disappointed. Instead I spent the time wondering how much I was upsetting my karmic balance by wishing the woman behind me with the overly exuberant goose cackle would choke on her popcorn.


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