ecco! – fremantle

ecco! ….I’m revoking your exclamation mark.

Wandering through Fremantle looking for somewhere to satisfy our midafternoon munchies one balmy Sunday afternoon, we decided to venture into ecco! having previously eaten at the Subiaco branch. Located in what was previously the venue for a disastrous ‘My Restaurant (apparently does not) Rule(s)’, the proprietors have done a fine job in re-decorating the venue. Despite the alfresco area having a somewhat unappetising outlook upon the Gino’s toilets, the decor was sharp and modern, a refreshing alternative to its more traditional neighbours. A quick glance around also noted the use of those faux-Reidel stemless wine glasses, for some reason a staple in a number of Perth’s Mod-Italian eateries.

It looked like a packed house at 3pm, a promising indicator that the food was at least edible! We were seated reasonably quickly, if not slightly brusquely. I was however happy to overlook the Heavy Set Waitress’s (HSW) indiscretions for she had been sat at quite a wonderful little table out front. Menus were soon frisbee-d in our direction.

The menu was simple but inviting. A selection of share dishes, 5 pastas, a number of mains and a a variety of gourmet “mod-italian” pizzas (ie. thin bases, sparing use of buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, pumpkin etc).

A number of lunch specials were also displayed, $14 for a handful of pizzas, salads, paninis or pastas ($18 with a glass of house wine). S and I decided to give the lunch specials a go, picking the Calamari salad (“Shallow Fried Baby Norwest Squid with salad greens”) and the Calabrese pizza (Tomato, Mozzarella, Salsiccia and Basil). After madly flailing down the HSW, we placed our order, noting that although the menu offered the option of either a Plain or Wholemeal pizza base, this was not offered (I am incoherent with excitement at the point of ordering…how am I supposed to remember all my available options!).

Then the waiting commenced.

10 minutes after ordering – Soft drinks arrived

15 minutes after ordering – Nothing

20 minutes after ordering – Ditto

30 minutes after ordering – I spot a group of slightly elderly people apologetically departing much to the apparent chagrin of the HSW. I assume due to the cutlery on the table and the lack of food that they grew tired of waiting.

35 minutes after ordering – I impatiently demand S to question as to the whereabouts of our food (a Herman and Lily Maneuver that I employ only in exceptional circumstances) .

S manages to get the attention of HSW after a few failed attempts. When questioned, HSW gruffly responds that ‘As you can see, we are extremely busy’, she then grudgingly says she will ‘check on our food’. I am at this point hosting an internal battle between ‘mild amusement’ and ‘slight irritation’ as although there were claims of ‘extreme busy-ness’, it appeared that all the tables around us were waiting patiently with unused cutlery. Not a scrap of food was sighted anywhere.

50 minutes after ordering – HSW is yet to return with a status update on our long awaited food and we make an executive decision to walk out of the venue.

Honestly….it simply does not take that long to whip up a pizza and deep fry some calamari……

NB: Had we been informed earlier on that there may have been a wait on the food the situation may have panned out differently. Similarly, if there had been any hint of apologetic behaviour rather than annoyance on the part of the waitstaff there may have been a happy ending for everyone.

Perhaps ecco! is one left to be sampled on a quiet weeknight….

3 Responses to “ecco! – fremantle”
  1. Ah! That reminds me of a similarly disappointing experience at the Moon Cafe a number of years ago. What is it with the surly service?

  2. gooddrop says:

    The Moon has the worst customer service because they employ backpackers for two weeks

  3. Ah crap, that sucks. Was keen to know if the pizza is as good as the Subi ones. Oh well, I have to get my ramen on next time I’m in Freo anyway, so avoiding HSW should be easy.

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