jus burgers – subiaco and leederville

NB: This image is solely a representation of Burger Bars in my mind’s eye and in no way reflects the actual physical appearance of Jus Burgers (and the thousands of $$ no doubt spent to ‘funkasize’ it)

The gourmet burger bar…a phenomenon taking over Perth….oh if only I had been the mastermind behind such a simple yet fascinatingly successful concept.

I have a sneaking suspicion that much of the popularity behind this is just a way to disguise the old drive through cheeseburger craving as a “healthier gourmet” option….

So back to Jus Burgers, the wildly popular burger bar birthed in Leederville. As of recently, they have also spawned a second outlet and taken over the corner of Rokeby Road.

Now Jus Burger was the brainchild of Justin Bell, who hints on his website that the ‘gourmet burger bar’ concept was something he bestowed upon the burger-starved people of Perth.

The problem is…being a former loyal follower of Flipside in North Fremantle (back when I resided in the neighbourhood) way before I knew of Jus…I struggle to swallow this claim of originality.

Nevertheless, Jus has definitely come into its own and appears to be at the forefront of the burger flogging game.

So the food…..the first time I tried Jus (at their original Leederville store) it was a disaster.See I’m a fan of customisable food and as I had always done at Flipside I chose to jazz up my Cheeseburger with the addition of mushrooms, chilli jam and avocado.

I can’t for the life of me remember what S ordered (being awhile ago now) but I do remember we chose to have the Spanish Slaw and Onion Rings as sides.

Drooling with anticipation, my giddy enthusiasm soon turned into fear when I spotted a staff member limping over to our table with what looked like half a cow sandwiched between a turkish bun large enough to feed Ali Baba and his 40 thieves….

This scene was made all the more murderous by the fact that it was served with a giant steak knife plunged through the heart of what I can only describe as “The Beast”.

So after staring at the great montrosity for over 3 minutes pondering the best plan of attack, I decided to throw caution to the wind and plunge in. After about 5 minutes of attacking The Beast with my obviously insufficiently sized oral cavity, I put it down helplessly looked at S…with chilli jam splotching my front and what looked like the carnage of an animalistic feeding frenzy lying before me.

If David Attenborough were around he may have narrated the experience.

The verdict? Other from the obvious logistical issues, the meat was bland and dry and the bun not particularly soft. The chilli jam was delicious but I don’t recommend adding any extras as the mushroom was a whole field mushroom and what may have been the contents of an avocado farm. The good part came in the form of the onion rings which were deliciously crispy and covered in a light and tasty batter. The slaw was crisp though I felt they were a bit heavy handed on the sherry vinegar as it did cause me to have cat-arse lips a number of times.

Definitely not recommended as a first date venue.


When they opened up the Subiaco branch a mere 500 metres from my house, I decided to give it a second try. With great delight I found they offer a ‘Half and Half’ special for lunch, whereby you receive a smaller burger (hoorah!) and a half serve of chips. The burger gods have heard my prayers!

So Round 2:

1 Half and Half Chickpea Burger + Cheese + Chilli Jam with Chips (served with Relish and Coleslaw) for myself

1 Half and Half Swiss Cheeseburger + Chilli Jam with Chips and the other add ons

Verdict Round 2? Deeeeelicious. The little quaint burger was the perfect size for me as the bun/filling ratio was much more appropriate.The chickpea patty was moist, the chilli jam delicious and the tomato nice and fresh. The chips were tasty and more-ish as they had the skins on. My only complaint is that they could have been a little crispier. The green tomato pickle relish that came with it was a nice tangy dipping accompaniment. The downfall was the coleslaw which looked more like mayonnaise soup than a salad. S didn’t even bother to try his but I nibbled at a tiny bit to see how it was. Sadly, it tasted as bad as it looked and though the veggies weren’t soggy the mayo bath it was swimming in was lukewarm and believe you me…it was not a pleasant experience.

All in all, I can see the appeal and for $10 it was fabulous value. I shall certainly be frequenting the place (though only at lunch for their perfectly sized mini burgers that don’t leave me rolling the floor in a foetal position).

3.5 out of 5 Golden Spoons


Jus Burgers

1 Rokeby Rd


T: 08 9381 1895

W: http://www.jusburgers.com.au

Jus Burgers on Urbanspoon


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