little caesar’s pizzeria – leederville

I’ve had a funny sort of relationship with pizza. I hated it ages 0 to 8, moved to Australia and suddenly declared it was manna. Until I went to Florence and realised what a proper pizza should be like….delicate, simple and not overloaded with flavours. Then I came home with the miserable realisation that  not only was I carrying home a couple of Margheritas in my waistline, I was going to be THAT person when I got home. You know…the annoyingly arrogant one that bemoans “Oh…nothing compares to the one I had in (insert country)”. Well, obviously.

But Perth has a fairly strong Italian community so it’s a wonder that with all varied choice of Italian fare out there why there aren’t more traditional pizzerias serving good authentic pizzas. Most of the time I’m disappointed with the large, greasy, “cop-the-lot” style pizzas bearing every conceivable type of processed meat. It might as well be called an offal pizza.

That said, my love for pizza hasn’t diminished and I am constantly on a quest for the perfect pizza experience.

Having heard of Little Caesar’s on many occasions, I was very excited when they announced they were opening a Leederville store (I no longer had to pester S to drive all the way to Mundaring for a pizza! Hurrah!).

They open at 5.30pm and at 5.35 the tables inside are already filled with people and a line has formed that threatens to spill out onto the pavement. Ogling the menu, we make a hasty decision to go for a half n half pizza. At this stage I was weary of the fact that most of the pizzas had a long list of ingredients….completely opposing my pizza mantra.

Our choices were:

  • Roman Empire: pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, eggplant and italian sausage
  • The Don: pizza sauce, fremantle sardines in lemon, myrtle, mozzarella (please note the online menu says there is also cranberry sauce and brie but I’ve been alerted that this is a mistake….it would truly be an odd combination, cranberry and sardine!).

Looking around, they appeared to be dishing out the pizzas fairly quickly as half of the patrons had already received their pizza by about 5.45pm. A good sign!

I rummaged around for some chilli but it looked like the only available options were tabasco sauce or chilli oil in those sugar shaker glasses. That was not an effective receptacle as the chilli flakes themselves adhered to the bottom and I managed to cause a mini oil explosion in shaking them free, resulting in my hair, right arm and water glass being coated in a fine red oil.

Finally our pizza arrived. My worst suspicions were  confirmed when I saw it heaving with toppings….but then….


I took one bite  and was delightfully shocked! It wasn’t bad! The rich flavours blended perfectly on the Roman Empire, and part of the reason I believe is that though the pizzas are full of toppings, most of the toppings are finely diced so they meld in perfectly with each other.  I suppose part of the problem with your traditional ‘works’ style pizza is that you are faced with chewing your way through giant hunks of meat and slaps of vegetables. Never a delicate operation.

The Don was also delightful and the sardines weren’t too overpowering. The myrtle was a surprisingly delicious and fragrant touch.

I particularly commended the use of  pizza elevating stands. It’s much easier to share a pizza this way and on my way out I even spotted a three tier pizza stand (imagine a high tea pizza scenario!).

Theo really came through and I can understand the hype. Though I wouldn’t call it the ‘best pizza in the world’, I will certainly be visiting Little Caesar’s again despite my bias against heftily topped pizzas. Perhaps I will try one of their more adventurous choices such as the Smashing Pumpkin which has a garlic cream sauce base.

Then again, I will be visiting Rome, Positano and Naples…the home of pizza later this year. I certainly will be making a re-assessment then!

What are you thoughts on pizzas in Perth? Or Italy?

3 out of 5 Golden Spoons (I really wish they had the option of fresh chillis in olive oil)


Little Caesar’s Pizzeria

127 Oxford Street


T: 08 9444 0499

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4 Responses to “little caesar’s pizzeria – leederville”
  1. Taco says:

    pretty sure you convinced yourself that there was meant to be cranberry and brie on the don. pretty sure there is not.

    • Hrrmmm…. it was actually their own website that convinced me as I had trouble recalling all the particular ingredients and doublechecked online.

      I think you’ll find that the online pizza menu does allude to “cranberry sauce and brie cheese” under the description for the Don (#17). Nevertheless, I will remove the reference until I can reconfirm in person, especially as I really don’t recall any of the above being on the actual pizza (in hindsight it is probably a mistake on the website).

      • Taco says:

        definitely a mistake. those ingredients also happen to be missing from the little birdy on the online menu, which is where they are meant to be. also a pizza with sardines cranberry and brie would probably suck.

      • Agree – on second though it would be quite repulsive…thanks for the heads up! Will have the try the little birdy next time (assume the bird in question is turkey, which ironically isn’t so little).

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