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Most brekky joints have the same sort of offerings…eggs three ways, the obligatory pancakes with some form of (often miserable) fruit accompaniment and the option to cop the lot (you know, everything x 2 + hashbrowns).


I’ll admit, I do love the whole calorific shebang on days where I’ve woken up wishing I had:

  1. Stopped after the first 2 glasses (or bottles) of red; and
  2. Had the option to hit the “life” rewind button and go back to the point just before I lost control of my brain to mouth function and it started spewing out verbal garbage. Was I really talking about my position on the death penalty? And dog whisperers?


Nevertheless, I do sometimes get bored with the stock standard “Western Breakfast” offerings. There’s only so many ways you can cook an egg (although I did find out recently that the number of pleats on a Chef’s Hat aka Toque is traditionally meant to symbolise the number of ways they can cook an egg i.e 100….so I may have to digress on that point). I can’t speak from experience for most parts of the world but I can say with authority that in places like Singapore or Malaysia, the strong mix of cultures means you can have anything from Nasi Lemak (Malay) to Congee (Chinese) to various wonderful types of Indian breads such as Dosas and S’s personal favourite, Appams, a type of hopper eaten with curries or with coconut milk and a wonderfully vibrant red sugar. All this without leaving the country…or even the Hawker Centre…*sigh*.


Thankfully, I have a go-to in Perth. Beaches Cafe on Marine Parade in Cottesloe is the rare exception to the rule that you can’t find great food in good places. With the fresh Indian Ocean breeze and the envy-inducing Perth sunshine, it does well to remind me that all the Appams in the world couldn’t convince me to leave Perth for good (though I can’t speak for S, he is freakily obsessed with them).

Always bursting at its seams with people, Beaches have put their own innovative twist on things to keep me, and many others, interested. This culinary creativity is something many places have tried to do but failed to deliver on quality or flavour. Beaches does both and then some.

On this one morning, I strolled in and realised I could not only choose from the (already extensive) Breakfast Menu, I could also pick from the Lunch Menu, Specials Board and the glass display of pastries, sweeties and wraps. For someone with such rampant indecisiveness like myself, this situation was an ordeal. I may also mention their glass display of goodies had, for me, the same effect as dangling the window of an Amsterdam Sex Shop in front of a German Sex Tourist…nose pressed up to the glass with inappropriate sounds of wanton pleasure…it ain’t pretty.

As Lily lives close by and gets her breakfast fix there weekly without fail, she recommended that I try their Corn Cakes with Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Wilted Spinach, Avo & Nahm Jim sauce. Sold! To the young lady with gobs of drool hanging out of her mouth. She, herself, decided to go for the Beaches Burger with bacon, egg, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, tomato relish & homemade aioli (it was around brunchtime at this stage).


Our drink orders came out to our table soon after we sat down…

Hers: A soy latte

Mine: Smoothie # 8 (banana, strawberry, yoghurt & honey)….and an espresso. Yes I’m well aware that greed will be my eventual downfall.

The coffees were nice and hot which is more than I can say for some other places in the Cottesloe area.

By the time I had wandered to the Cott General Store to grab a paper and came back, the waiter was perched at our table with our meals.


I sat down in front of mine…and blinked in disbelief.

Jesus Mary Joseph…what is THAT!? Why, pray tell, are there THREE egg mounds on my plate. The old adage that two’s company and three’s a crowd certainly comes into play here, there are just some occasions when a triplicate is just not that attractive…eyes…nipples…this. Lily stifled a giggle and said she had caught a staff member chat suspiciously to the Chef when she noticed me taking photos inside. Was this their usual serve? Do people in Cott require mass amounts of protein to start their day? Or was this an attempt to butter (or egg) me up for a good review….


Bless his little cotton socks (or greased up apron I should say), but there was certainly no need for the third wheel on my egg party. Don’t get me wrong, I was much appreciative! Unfortunately though, I am a 5”4 size 8 woman and as much as I adore my food, after getting through the first 2 mounds, the “No Vacancy” sign in my stomach was on and blaring (if my stomach were, perchance, a dodgy motel).


It was thoroughly delicious though, as expected. The eggs were perfectly poached and were nestled into liberal amounts of fresh avocado. The corn cakes weren’t stodgy like some other ones I’ve had and the smoked salmon fresh and silky. As for the nahm jim, it was a tasty and fresh addition which managed to add the requisite amount of flavour without being too overpowering.


Look at the dribble of yolk…there’s something so inately sensual about that luscious viscous ooze.

Lily’s burger was also a winner. On first glance you may think that the beef patty is a little thin but this is just the way I like it. It gives you a good amount of beefiness without feeling like you’ve just hacked your way through the side of a cow. Anyway, coupled with the generous amounts of filling it was hardly what you could call a “small burger”. The thinner (yet still quite juicy) patty meant that you got a nice proportion of beef to bacon, cheese, egg, salad etc. The homemade aioli drizzle was quite delectable I must say and I particularly enjoyed the fact that they had finely shredded the tomato so that you aren’t plagued with the age old problem of recalcitrant tomato slices that shoot out the side of the burger bun when you take a bite. Oh and special mention should go to the bacon which was fried to a crisp American style – my personal sinful preference.



Don’t be fooled by the ratty plastic garden furniture, Beaches is up there with the best breakfast joints in Perth, with a location none can beat. In fact, I might even go as far to say it’s my favourite (the third egg did not sway my opinion, I swear!).

Satisfyingly full, Lily and I wandered down the road to look for the perfect way to end our Sunday brunch….a couple of mojitos.

Tell me – what are your favourite Perth brekky/brunch joints? Do brunch places even exist?



4.5 out of 5 Golden Spoons (Can’t quite give them a fiver until I try everything on the menu methinks…which is a feat I am considering attempting)



Beaches Cafe

122 Marine Parade


T: 08 9384 4412

Beaches Cafe on Urbanspoon

4 Responses to “beaches cafe – cottesloe”
  1. Hoppers need to be more plentiful in Perth. I wish I’d never discovered them in the first place, dammit.

    Have been to Beaches a few times for breaky and lunch and always had a good feed but NEVER have been served a triple whammy in the egg department! I’ve never taken photos of my food there for some reason though, so maybe I need to start doing that.

    Had some very amusing service from here from a seemingly very inexperienced waiter but I guess this kept us entertained.

  2. omg your egg meal looks AMAZING! I’m putting this place at the top of my brekky list! squeal!

  3. Conor – I was safe from the wishy washy waiter that day. I did keep an eye out! I had some Canadian backpacker friends of mine work there for awhile (before I even started going there) so maybe the erratic service could be due to the sometimes backpackin’ staff? Nothing will keep me away though!

    Poached Perth – It WAS amazing! They do good things with eggs hehe. For a breakfast aficionado like yourself I have no doubt it will not disappoint. I recommend their daily omelette as well – they serve it in a cast iron pan.

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