dosukoi japanese noodle & bubble tea – fremantle

I first encountered ramen a number of years back. It wasn’t love at first bite…frankly, I wasn’t particularly enamored by what appeared to be nothing more than some tarted up “Maggi Mee”, a high class call girl of the noodle world with a price to match and not much more to offer than a bowl of instant noodle soup (your stock standard streetwalker in this metaphorical equation). It may sound like there’s a difference but let’s call a spade a spade shall we…

But oh how I was delightfully wrong!

Turns out instant ramen was only invented in 1958 and while a truly genius 20th century invention, did not pay proper homage to the traditional variety.

So whoever peddled the instant variety disguised as the real deal by the addition of some measly meat and veg to me that first time, I blame you…

I discovered this little stall one night strolling through the Fremantle markets. Located next to the famous creperie (I don’t think there are many others in Perth to compare/compete with), Dosukoi is easily recognisable by the hordes of people stationed out front, slurping away their noodles in satisfied contentment.

The high proportion of Japanese patrons (both backpackers and local) should give you a clear indication of the calibre of the ramen here…that’s if the long snaky lines weren’t already a dead giveaway!

With true Japanese technological ingenuity, Terry, the ever so friendly Japanese lad behind the counter, will take your mobile number and SMS you when a seat (and therefore your ramen) will be ready. Oh yes, and he does this manually….from his own mobile. I sure hope he’s on a good mobile cap plan!

The seating itself isn’t fancy, with one short counter out the front and one slightly longer one running down the side of the narrow store. Oh and they don’t do takeaway. It’s a Ramen Battle Royale every Friday night when every man and his donkey wants a little bit of that slurpy soup action, but it’s ever so worth it. Besides, it’s a little fun to imagine you’re speed dating…or eavesdrop on your fellow rameners’ conversations (oh please, as if you wouldn’t!)

This cold wintry night, I decided to go for #2 of 9 choices, “Spicy raw leeks on top, noodle soup in bowl” ($9). An apt and straight to the point description I might add. This dish consists of finely shredded raw leeks on top of silky smooth ramen noodles swimming in a pool of spicy miso based soup…oh the taste sensation that was/is. The leeks themselves are unbelievably crisp and provide a wonderful textural balance with the lush softness of the noodles. And the soup? Mmm the soup is the soup equivalent of Momofuko’s Crack Pie. Rich and addictively flavoursome, I can never seem to stop myself draining the bowl dry despite the fact the bowl is as large, if not larger, than my own head. Other accompaniments include a sliver of pork, a shaving of fish cake and a small sheet of nori, all of these garnishes more than anything. Despite it’s simplicity, it is heartwarmingly nourishing. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a peasant farmer in feudal Japan…

S chose #5, “Prawn dumplings on top, noodle soup in bowl” ($9.50). The dumplings were panfried in the typical fashion of gyozas. It was a nice balance of soft and crispy dumpling skin and the prawn filling tasted incredibly fresh, which led me to believe it may have been homemade as I did spy whole chunks of prawn in there. I may be wrong but my tastebuds (and S’s) certainly didn’t complain. S, this time, went for the shoyu soup base. Shoyu literally means soy and the soy based broth is not one I have tried before, thinking perhaps that it would be too plain (and secretly, that it would just be watered down soy). I was surprised however, at how much I enjoyed the light and somewhat sweet flavour it had. It was fragrant and delicate. I may just be convinced to switch over to Team Shoyu.

As a side dish, we also ordered some takoyaki (octupus balls). Now I remember the first time I mentioned octupus balls to someone. They looked at me a little funnily and muttered something along the lines of “I…don’t think I would be comfortable eating that”. I stared back in bewilderment thinking “What on eart-….oh you think that I mea-…jesus…..”. Do I look like Bear Grylls? Do octopi even have balls? Idiot.

Anyway, Dosukoi’s offending balls were gorgeous and creamy, just the way I like my…balls. There were also soft chunks of occy inside which was a lovely balance of textures. Very umami.

As much as I say week after week to S that we’ll go get ramen and then have a dessert crepe from next door, it never quite happens. It’s just too good to save room for pudding…

Ooo and they do a fabulous bubble tea – with wonderfully soft tapioca pearls. Always a bonus when your beverage doesn’t double as a choking hazard!

4.5 out of 5 spoons (my only gripe is that I can’t get this every day of the week, not to mention that I can only have it for dinner on Fridays!)

Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea

Stall 7, Fremantle Markets

Dosukoi Japanese Noodle and Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon

9 Responses to “dosukoi japanese noodle & bubble tea – fremantle”
  1. Mmmm, ramen for this cold rainy weather we’ve been having in Sydney for…2 weeks now? would be really welcome! *slurp slurp*

  2. Excellent review young lady! I’ve been reading so much about ramen lately, and I really am super ignorant about it. I think I will have to give Terry a visit. Also, I love eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations so this all sounds perfect really. I just hope I am not stuck trying to eavesdrop on Japanese conversations.

    I’ve educated a few people about takoyaki in my time. Always amusing.

  3. I have become very fussy with my ramen I have to admit. A lot fo them taste a lot like the packet kind but there are a couple of places that do a mean ramen. And yes they have big queues as a result!

  4. Fantastic write up Ms Gourmand! Love a hearty, soupy bowl of ramen at, well, anytime really. Have always had the miso soup base but might be tempted to try the shoyu next time.

  5. Devan says:

    The “prawn dumplings on top, noodle soup in bowl” has got me drooling. It has been a while since I had a sweet, steaming, fresh bowl of ramen. Wonderful post. Oh and congrats on your blog getting a mention in STM!! 😀

    Balls. Octo balls.

  6. mademoiselle delicieuse – oh your poor love, heard about the nasty sydney weather. brrrr, i’m quite adverse to the cold.

    conor – thanks chica, eavesdropping is a sinful hobby of mine. only child, used to find ways to amuse myself! terry does deserve a visit on your return. he will educate you well 🙂

    lorraine – i think you have to be! so easy to get rorted w instant noodles otherwise. unfortunately there isn’t as much choice as there is in sydney for us perthians.

    chris – you’re right. ramen is an all the time food. as for shoyu, give it a spin. i think you’ll like it…

    devan – thanks devan! i could bathe in ramen if i could. though i don’t know how much S would enjoy that…or how sanitary it would be. on second thoughts, not such a great idea. but oh how i love it!

  7. Carven says:

    Good write up! I’ve always love Ramen myself, tonkotsu soup base(pork bone broth)is my all time favourite, good to know where in Perth we get good ramen, might just try dosukoi one day!

    • Thanks Carven! Yes Tonkotsu soup is just amazing…I never realised how much time goes into making it though! Might just be worth it though with the current temps in Perth.

  8. Wandeline says:

    Sound very delicious Ramen combined with Bubble Tea should have been a great taste experience. I my self am a big big fan of bubble tea and now i know where to get one in Perth. Thanks for sharing it.

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