Short Hiatus

The prospect of upcoming examinations does a lot of things for a lot of people.

For me? It signals a rapid free fall into a shambolic state of affairs. For starters, I am entirely unsuitable for public viewing. Not only does an alarming amount of lint develop on all items of my clothing (where does it come from really?), I have a deep-seated fear that should I actually venture out into public during this time a bird may mistakenly begin nesting in my unkempt hair.

The worst part though, is the fact that I suddenly develop pregnancy like cravings as soon as I’m within viewing distance of a textbook. Pizza shapes? Fish Finger Butties?  Food groups I never normally venture near suddenly find themselves jostling for a place at my dinner table. The other day I tried Spam.

So please excuse me, as I remove myself briefly from the food blogging world.

Here’s a photo of some macarons from The Good Grocer in Applecross to tide you over (and remind me of better times).

See you all in a bit

x L


2 Responses to “Short Hiatus”
  1. GOOD LUCK!!!

    Just go easy on the spam… not sure how much of brain food it is.

    • Thanks chicken! Yes I’m not sure what got into me. I even bought corned beef. I have to admit I didn’t follow through with the latter though…it took me 15 minutes to open the can and 15 seconds to assess that I couldn’t do it. No matter what odd cravings sprung forth.

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