gourmet traveller’s almond lemon cake w mulled wine pears (GF)

    I have a confession to make…I’m a little bit scared of gluten free baking. No, that’s not right, I’m a LOT scared of gluten free baking. See it turns out that baking, apparently, is a science. And I ain’t a science-y kinda gal. I’m the one that forgoed all Science & Math related … Continue reading

udon w shimeji mushrooms & panfried dumplings in XO sauce, choco nut fondant w raspberry coulis

I’m not one of those people that was born a foodie. I hated garlic, chilli, onions and vegetables of all descriptions. When I was about 4 years old,  I apparently tried to sneak out to the garden during dinner to throw away my vegie ration thinking that as it was the same colour, it would … Continue reading

easter feasting – sticky orange ginger & almond cake, jamie oliver’s bubble & squeak

There’s something to be said for a good bout of baking. S and I were scheduled for Easter Monday lunch at his Aunty’s this past Monday (funny that) and I thought it was a good excuse as any to whip up some baked delights (or in this case “delight”). Now I am a chronic sufferer … Continue reading

cherry filled cupcakes with old fashioned buttercream

If dogs are man’s best friend then cupcakes would have to be the female equivalent. Find me a girl who doesn’t swoon at the sight of a decadently decorated cupcake and I’ll eat my socks. Though they have been around since the 19th century, there has been a healthy (or not so healthy) resurgence of … Continue reading