udon w shimeji mushrooms & panfried dumplings in XO sauce, choco nut fondant w raspberry coulis

I’m not one of those people that was born a foodie. I hated garlic, chilli, onions and vegetables of all descriptions. When I was about 4 years old,  I apparently tried to sneak out to the garden during dinner to throw away my vegie ration thinking that as it was the same colour, it would … Continue reading

easter feasting – sticky orange ginger & almond cake, jamie oliver’s bubble & squeak

There’s something to be said for a good bout of baking. S and I were scheduled for Easter Monday lunch at his Aunty’s this past Monday (funny that) and I thought it was a good excuse as any to whip up some baked delights (or in this case “delight”). Now I am a chronic sufferer … Continue reading

dinner diary – caramelised beer bangers w mash, buttered cabbage & balsamic glaze

A couple of years ago, S’s culinary skills were limited to operating a toaster and dialing the local pizzaman. Thankfully, his kitchen aversion is a distant memory and though he is still a little wary, S is fast becoming an invaluable sous chef..(I don’t think he had a choice! Be a foodie or be killed….ok … Continue reading

dinner diary – mustard glazed salmon with witlof & grapefruit stack

Woolies is secretly sabotaging me. I spend a considerable amount of the afternoon ummm and ahh-ing over what to cook for dinner and when I’ve finally decided what I want to cook for dinner…WHAM…it disappears from my local supermarket’s inventory. It’s like I’m in a neverending episode of Ready Steady Cook… I never know what … Continue reading

dinner diary – pappardelle w tuna, zucchini and roasted tomatoes

You know what I hate…that awful ad that’s on at the moment for Continental Pasta….where the TV mother raves about how much her family loves her “Pasta Depenzo” (“Depends on what’s in the fridge” *cue laughs*)…..urrrrrgh…drives me mad! Honestly…if you are going to bother adding anything to that packet crap you might as well go … Continue reading

dinner diary – lentil lasagne

I’ll admit it – I’m not the best at documenting my home cooked meals as I normally cook in a panic induced frenzy and by the time I dish out the final product S is halfway through consuming it by the time I even think about reaching for the camera. This time though, I spent … Continue reading

dinner diary – dining a la jc (child that is…not christ)

With all the hooplah I have been giving the Cook du Jour – Julia Child, I thought it was only appropriate to put my blogging where my mouth is and attempt a Child-esque dinner party. The Piece de Resistance: JC’s Bouef Bourgignon (of course!) It’s Comrades: Haricots Verts Gratines (Green Bean and Blue Cheese Gratin) … Continue reading