itsara – nedlands

Patience. Not one of my virtues. Blame it on being an only child if you will, or even that I’m a Leo born in the year of the Tiger, but “waiting” is a foreign concept to me.   I tried to go to Itsara earlier in the week. I tarted myself up, charged my camera’s … Continue reading

dosukoi japanese noodle & bubble tea – fremantle

I first encountered ramen a number of years back. It wasn’t love at first bite…frankly, I wasn’t particularly enamored by what appeared to be nothing more than some tarted up “Maggi Mee”, a high class call girl of the noodle world with a price to match and not much more to offer than a bowl … Continue reading

beaches cafe – cottesloe

Most brekky joints have the same sort of offerings…eggs three ways, the obligatory pancakes with some form of (often miserable) fruit accompaniment and the option to cop the lot (you know, everything x 2 + hashbrowns).   I’ll admit, I do love the whole calorific shebang on days where I’ve woken up wishing I had: … Continue reading

gogo’s madras curry house – mount lawley

Have you seen that awful Lindsay Lohan movie “Just My Luck” ? Unfortunately I have (not by any choice of mine – it was a bleak night on the old televisual). The gist of it is this: super lucky girl meets boy, boy is world’s unluckiest person, they switch “luck”, “comedy” ensues. Basically, I am … Continue reading

mundaring weir hotel – mundaring

S: “Can you pass me a mentos so I can get that taste out of my mouth”. *Rewind 120 minutes earlier* Sun is shining, it’s the first day of a long weekend, I’m 4 assignments out of 6 down. Life is good. Thinking I would treat myself to a lunch outing at the Subiaco Farmer’s … Continue reading

mom tri’s kitchen – kata noi, phuket

Kata Noi Bay…the stuff dreams are made of.  With it’s sparkling iridescent waters and  abundance of soft silky white sand…it’s easy to forget you are but a mere 30 minutes drive from the seedy overly touristy hub of Patong, where rocket fuel passed off as cocktails are served in buckets and you can never be sure of the … Continue reading

hawker’s cuisine – chinatown, northbridge

Chinatown. For some unbeknownst reason, those of us of Chinese origin find it necessary to congregate ourselves in a particular area for the purposes of…well…mainly eating. No matter which country you find yourself in, you will no doubt find an enclave designated specifically for Chinese people to eat Chinese cuisine amongst Chinese shops selling familiar Chinese things. … Continue reading

seoul buffet korean bbq & steamboat – victoria park

It’s official…I have a 99% chance of going to hell. S and I went out for dinner on Good Friday with the Munsters (aka my parents). Them being them, the venue of choice was Seoul Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant. Excuse me what? (I hear you say..) A meat buffet? On Fish Free Friday? Yes. Good … Continue reading

restaurant amusé – east perth

Disclaimer: Apologies for the lackluster photos…dim lighting + food + dodgy camera =  embarrassingly bad pictures. are a man after my own heart. After the disastrous birthday lunch with Lily Munster at The Garden, we decided to throw caution (and wallets) to the wind…and splurge out on the infamous Restaurant Amusé for dinner. Located in East Perth, … Continue reading

cimbalino – cottesloe

S and I wandered down to Napolean Street in Cottesloe this morning for some late breakfast while our car was getting washed nearby. We had intended on going to Leaf Tea Merchants (a “Tea Bar”) as they served a lovely Parisian Morning Tea which consisted of rose petal tea, finger sandwiches and various other bite … Continue reading