chwee kuay (water rice cakes)

If the pleats in a Chef’s Toque is said to symbolise a 100 ways they can cook an egg, the Chinese equivalent would have to be 100 ways to use rice (or 1000). From noodles to dumpling skins to wine…no culinary stone is left unturned by this humble grain with global rice production stats at … Continue reading

udon w shimeji mushrooms & panfried dumplings in XO sauce, choco nut fondant w raspberry coulis

I’m not one of those people that was born a foodie. I hated garlic, chilli, onions and vegetables of all descriptions. When I was about 4 years old,  I apparently tried to sneak out to the garden during dinner to throw away my vegie ration thinking that as it was the same colour, it would … Continue reading

easter feasting – sticky orange ginger & almond cake, jamie oliver’s bubble & squeak

There’s something to be said for a good bout of baking. S and I were scheduled for Easter Monday lunch at his Aunty’s this past Monday (funny that) and I thought it was a good excuse as any to whip up some baked delights (or in this case “delight”). Now I am a chronic sufferer … Continue reading

dinner diary – caramelised beer bangers w mash, buttered cabbage & balsamic glaze

A couple of years ago, S’s culinary skills were limited to operating a toaster and dialing the local pizzaman. Thankfully, his kitchen aversion is a distant memory and though he is still a little wary, S is fast becoming an invaluable sous chef..(I don’t think he had a choice! Be a foodie or be killed….ok … Continue reading

dinner diary – mustard glazed salmon with witlof & grapefruit stack

Woolies is secretly sabotaging me. I spend a considerable amount of the afternoon ummm and ahh-ing over what to cook for dinner and when I’ve finally decided what I want to cook for dinner…WHAM…it disappears from my local supermarket’s inventory. It’s like I’m in a neverending episode of Ready Steady Cook… I never know what … Continue reading

cherry filled cupcakes with old fashioned buttercream

If dogs are man’s best friend then cupcakes would have to be the female equivalent. Find me a girl who doesn’t swoon at the sight of a decadently decorated cupcake and I’ll eat my socks. Though they have been around since the 19th century, there has been a healthy (or not so healthy) resurgence of … Continue reading

dinner diary – lentil lasagne

I’ll admit it – I’m not the best at documenting my home cooked meals as I normally cook in a panic induced frenzy and by the time I dish out the final product S is halfway through consuming it by the time I even think about reaching for the camera. This time though, I spent … Continue reading