chwee kuay (water rice cakes)

If the pleats in a Chef’s Toque is said to symbolise a 100 ways they can cook an egg, the Chinese equivalent would have to be 100 ways to use rice (or 1000). From noodles to dumpling skins to wine…no culinary stone is left unturned by this humble grain with global rice production stats at … Continue reading

beaches cafe – cottesloe

Most brekky joints have the same sort of offerings…eggs three ways, the obligatory pancakes with some form of (often miserable) fruit accompaniment and the option to cop the lot (you know, everything x 2 + hashbrowns).   I’ll admit, I do love the whole calorific shebang on days where I’ve woken up wishing I had: … Continue reading

cimbalino – cottesloe

S and I wandered down to Napolean Street in Cottesloe this morning for some late breakfast while our car was getting washed nearby. We had intended on going to Leaf Tea Merchants (a “Tea Bar”) as they served a lovely Parisian Morning Tea which consisted of rose petal tea, finger sandwiches and various other bite … Continue reading